Get your company formally assessed by a LEAN Expert and certified after passing a physical autidt at maturity level 1-Iron, level 2-Bronze, level 3-Silver or level 4-Gold.

LEAN starndards allow manufacturers and service companies to operate effectively, increas productivity, shorten response time and help capture new customers.

The LEAN certification process provides coaching feedback and formally recognizes the team for advancing their operation, while creating motivation and insights to prepare for the phase on their LEAN journey.

LEAN Iron: Maturity 1.0

  • Start: Major effort to see the bottlenecks.

  • Focus: Learning basics and get an overview.

  • End: Basic tools for fire-fighting ready

LEAN Bronze: Maturity 2.0

  • Start: Major effort to make the numbers.

  • Focus: Fire-fighting and de-bottlenecking.

  • End: Hotspots solved or contained

LEAN Silver: Maturity 3.0

  • Start: Targets met, but requires extra effort

  • Focus: Reducing waste, strain and variability.

  • End: Processes controlled and results predictable.

LEAN Gold: Maturity 4.0

  • Start: Strong results, but not yet automatic

  • Focus: Systmizing and standardizing.

  • End: Processes linked and interfaces optimized.

The steps of LEAN Audit Certification

Preparation: the sponsor specifies the purpose of the audit, to be either benchmarking, self-assessment, progress measurement, or opportunity discovery, and nominates the members of the audit team to include representatives from all key functions that make up the assessed site or value stream.

Audit: the members of the internal team walk together with the external auditor through their value streams in flow direction from input to output, evaluating people, processes, setup, and system.

Checklist: the audit team meets for a guided self-assessment, moderated by the external auditor or internal team leader. The moderator ensures that a certain level is selected only when all stated criteria are attained.

Analysis: translating insights into improvements. Led by the external auditor or internal group leader, the team decides on an ambitious yet realistic advancement rate.

Certification: After the progress measurement is established, the team compares it against the goal they have defined during the previous audit.

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