The LEAN Office Audit is for service companies, turning consumers into satisfied consumers or raw data into designs or insights.

Service Process Matrix

The process matrix organizes service processes by labor-intensive and customer interactions. The LEAN Office can be used for any service business, whilst it is most effective for entities and teams operating in an office environment, adding value through analysis, design, advise and control.

  • Business services such as consulting and financial service,

  • Trade service such as retailing, maintenance and repair,

  • Personal service such as restaurants and healthcare,

  • Public service such as government and education,

  • Infrastructure services sus as transportation and communication.

Twenty keys to Wolrd-Class Service

  1. Costing and budgeting, process and system

  2. Efficiency management and resource planning

  3. Information management system

  4. Layout, distances, communication, and ergonomics

  5. Leadership and policy deployment process

  6. Management, priority setting, decision making

  7. Metrics and performance measurement

  8. Quality level, process capability, yield

  9. Readiness, willingness to change, flexibility

  10. Renewal, innovation, and improvement

  11. Roles, responsibilities, and ownership

  12. Service level, internal and external customers

  13. Solving, root-cause analysis and elimination

  14. Standards, policies, procedures, and instructions

  15. Structure, organization, and housekeeping, 5S

  16. Teamwork cooperation and coordination

  17. Technology, equipment, computers, and systems

  18. Time management, deadlines, and commitments

  19. Training, capability building, skill flexibility

  20. Visuals, status signals, visual management

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