The Performance Management lets you continuously track progress against plans, while coordination activities to maximaze what matters most; achieving results. The Performance Management Workhop delivers required knowledge and toolkit, so that you can design and implement such management system within a few days.

The Performance Management ensures continuous exchange of information between the organizational silos and mannagement laysers.

Performance Management System

As a first step, business objectives are being translated into operational mectrics, making strategy execution manageable. Those metrics measure results relative to established standards of completeness, accuracy, speed and costs. Lagging metrics are used to measure business impact on a monthly and quarterly basis, such as profitabillity and customers satisfaction. LEading metrics are used to identify abnormalities and coordinate actions on a daily and weekly basis, such as loading level and process performance. Second step is designing the actual system, connection people with processes and metrics.

The Performance Management Workshop takes three days for demand analysis, parameter mapping, and system design to cover an organization with three management levels.

Developing an effective Performance Management System is a prerequisite to archieve great results. Even though the design can ce done in ssolation by the respective managers, it is much prefreed to involve the entire team or at least key stakeholders, up to ten people. This approach consumes more time upfront t align on processes and parameters, but is speeding up the implementation because people tand to support what they have helped to create. Our LEAN expert modertes the Performance Management System workshop, guiding the team through the learning and design process.

The outcome is a "Performance Management Design Pack" that consist of three parts:

  1. Set of leading and lagging metrics, KPI sheets filled with baseline data and targets set for each team or process scope.

  2. Custom-designed structure of interrelated elements to track performance with minimal overhead.

  3. Process to effectively address deviations, delays and disconnects, bringing performance in line with expectations.

KUME Management provides the know-how, templeates and best practices to get the Perfromance Management System design right first time.

Need help to design and implement

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