Problem Solving is a foundational skill for anyone, addressing performance and behavioral problems to boost customer satisfaction and quality level. The Problem Solving Workshop delivers the required knowledge as well as PDCA toolkit, so that you can quickly learn the principles and start solving problems in a structured and effective way.

Problem Solving

The Problem Solving course consists of three parts:


  1. Training

  2. Solving

  3. Certification


During the training session, participants learn proven tools and techniques, including PDCA, 8D, and DMAIC. Right after the training, learnings are immediately applied to current problems, building real skills and returning real benefits to the business. Once root-causes have been removed, students present their cases during the certification session, getting formally certified, while moving up in the skill pyramid, so they can train and certify people below them.

There are three roles to be assigned:


  1. Sponsor

  2. Learner

  3. Trainer


The sponsor initiates the program, allocates resources, and provides context, such as unhappy customers, excessive losses, or repeat issues hurting the business. The learners invest time to analyze problems and implement solutions. The trainer leads learners through the program, transferring skills and providing coaching support.

Certified problem solvers are able to address persistent problems, reducing defect rates, delays, and costs. They create a tangible benefit to the business by improving customer satisfaction and teamwork from joint problem solving.

Any repetitive problem permanently solved lowers non-performance cost, making a positive contribution to the bottom line. The training therefore is self-funding, provided that skills are actually applied and root-causes eliminated.


KUME Management experts provides training and certification classes, as well as coaching support.

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Problem Solving?

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