The Strategy Deployment helps leaders systematically translate their visions into strategic objectives, and those into tactical, and operational plans.


The Strategy Deployment serves as a basis for performance standards, planning, decision-making, resource mobilization, and allocation.​

Strategy Deployment Pyramid


The Pyramid assist the business in choosing the most importnat goals, identify critical gaps, targering improvement outcomes, engaging workfore in problemsolving and putting in place a defined PDCA loop to execute the plan.

The Hoshin Kanri process systematecally translate aspirations into tangiable improvements.

Strategy Deployment Model

The Model connects the different organizational layers, and defining the "What" and the "how".

What specifcally to do and accomplish, and ho to accomplish the given target by solving what specific problem and achieving what results. PDCA cycles ensure full alignment and continuous learning and improvement.

Strategy Deployment Framework

Durin the stratgic planning workshop, the team clarifies its vision and mission, and analyses internal strenghts and weaknesses , as well as external opportunities and threats. Ti then reviews existing plans to identify gaps and strategic objectives to build the x-matrix, which serves as blueprint to develop the organization and ensure long-term growth and sustainability. Using the x-matrix as basis, the team creates the Strategy Delopyment Roadmap, specifying key initiatives, detalied activities, resource requirements, monthly goals and deliverables.

The Strategy Deployment Workshop takes three days for analysing, mapping and alignment. IN case that vision and plans are outdated or not well defined at the beginning of the workshop, then two additioanl days will be required to solidify the organization's vision and mission, align on priorities and tradeoff, and develop key initiatives and detailed deployment plans.

Building the Strategy Deployment is one of the most important, exiting and also challenging exercises an organization can undertake. It therefore requires the full engagement of the entire leadership team. The LEAN expert moderates the workshop, guidingthe team through alignment and development process.

Outcome of the strategic analyses exercise is a through understanding of the organization's existing structure, governace, staff, product and service mix, callaborations and resources. The second part, the strategic planning exercise, delivers and aligned vision of the future and the blueprint to achieve it. The x-matrix and Deployment Roadmap specify changes, the rationale and sequence of those changes, the responsible change agents, and resources required for its execution.

LEAN experts helps leaders make their vision a reality by providing assistance for strategic planning, worksop moderation, and roadmap design. The Strategic Deployment Framework's workshop is a ten day effort, including preperation and follow-ups.

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